Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slaves in the Kitchen:Quote of the Day:Harriet Arnow

Harriet Arnow: {Known as Harriet Simpson Arnow}(1908-1986)

Today's quote of the day: comes from a writer,novelist and teacher.All that equipped her for the love of life she so embraced.Having hailed from Monticello,Wayne County,Kentucky she was very much aware of the family unit and the love of cooking for family.One of 6 siblings she became a teacher as both her parents were teachers.Her quote one of many was little understood and even more not written as we write these days, but remember she hailed from down south.

" Who inu hell"l said to myself,"wants to try to make pies like Mother makes when it's so much simpler to let Mother make um inu first place?"          

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